Welcome to part three of our Vape Pen 101 series. Now that you know how to get started and how to load your new pen with wax or pot, it’s time to learn how to clean and maintain your pen.

HIGH TIMES managing editor Jen Bernstein explains how proper cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your pen and your stash.

Over time hash oil can build up in your atomizer and clog your pen, making it difficult to get good, clean hits.

Use your dab tool to scrape out your atomizer – but be careful to avoid the coil. Regularly cleaning out your atomizer will keep your pen running smooth but it will also improve the efficiency of your pen, which will extend your stash.

Your pen’s atomizer is not the only thing that can get dirty. Every time you load your pen your dab tool gets covered in wax.

After cleaning out your atomizer, why not clean your dab tool? Alcohol swabs work best. When both your pen and your dab tool are clean your hits will be clean as well.

Finally, be sure to fully charge your pen. A full charge will keep your pen hitting well all day. If you do it at night before you go to sleep, it will be ready and waiting for you in the morning.  

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