Created in 2005 by HIGH TIMES senior editor Bobby Black, the Miss HIGH TIMES contest is our way of shining a spotlight on some of the country’s cutest, coolest stoner chicks. Each month, we sift through the different profiles and choose one finalist to feature in the magazine. Then on April 20th, the HIGH TIMES staff chooses one lucky winner to become our next official smokesmodel for the year. That winner becomes a permanent part of the HIGH TIMES family, and gets VIP passes to all of our events.

In choosing a smokesmodel, we’re not just looking for a pretty face or a sexy figure. We’re looking for a pot-smoking girl-next-door -- someone who represents the down-to-earth stoner spirit of kindness and generosity, who is active in the legalization community, and has incorporated their love of cannabis into their lives in a healthy and productive way. Someone who can be a role model for stoner girls everywhere.

Check out the brand new Miss HIGH TIMES website for more information!