Welcome to the HIGH TIMES Kitchen. Today we’re making a marijuana tincture. Tinctures can be made with either grain alcohol or glycerin – we’re using grain alcohol.

The Magical Butter makes this process easy. Simply combine the ingredients and four hours later you have a great ganja infused treat!

You’ll need about 10 grams of pot. You can use shake but we’re using Cherry Lopez. No need to grind up your buds. Simply place them inside the Magical Butter.

You can adjust the amount of marijuana and alcohol used depending on how potent you like your tincture. We’re adding three cups of grain alcohol to our 10 grams of pot.

Use the “4 Hour Tincture” button and the Magical Butter does all the work. Strain your tincture and be sure to remove any plant matter from the liquid. Let the tincture cool, then serve and enjoy!

You can find more great recipes in The Official HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cookbook.