A measure in California's new medical marijuana regulations calls for cannabis appellation, which means certain strains would be labeled based on where the pot had been cultivated. 

Similar to the way sparkling wine can only be labeled "champagne" if it was produced in the Champagne region of France or the way that only cheeses aged in the Combalou caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon may bear the name "Roquefort,"  appellation would ensure that consumers knew exactly where certain strains were grown.

“There are obvious differences between, say, a Super Silver Haze that is cultivated at a 700 ft elevation and a Super Silver Haze that is cultivated at a 2,200 ft elevation in Humboldt County,” Kristin Nevedal, a marijuana activist and former grower, told the Guardian.

So our question for you is this: Would new region-specific labels change your pot buying habits? 

(Photo Courtesy of Hoggard Films)