As one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis industry, marijuana edibles have evolved into so much more than the pot brownies we ate back in college.

Nowadays, you can find pretty much any type of food infused with our favorite herb, from artisanal cake pops and healthy oatmeal to vegan caviar and beef jerky. Not only are there innumerable salty, sweet and healthy choices, there are also countless dosing options. In states with recreational and medical marijuana markets, most edibles come in high-dose and low-dose varieties, with packaging that clearly labels how much THC each contains. 

Still, not everyone enjoys the specific high that comes along with eating cannabis. This made us wonder—are you thrilled with all of the options for medicating discreetly or do you simply just prefer smoking a fat joint?  We want to know! How do you feel about edibles? 

(Photo Courtesy of Your Cannabis America)