Event organizer Kevin Kochen described Symbiosis as a diaspora, as the top-flight, Neo-Tribal festival has moved through deserts both figurative and literal since 2005, including Pyramid Lake in Nevada for a glorious view of last year's solar eclipse.

At this incarnation, Woodward Reserve in Oakdale, California played host to a celebration of the Autumnal Equinox, and here's hoping that Symbiosis has at last found a permanent home. Minus one refreshing thunderstorm, the NorCal weather was mild and sunny, with enough warmth in the air to make for a lot of swimming and creative watercraft, including at least one hand-made floating trampoline. With various stages and art installations spread over a multi-pronged peninsula, the post-Burning Man vibe took on a relaxed, “island vacation” feel ideal for true decompression.

STS9, Sprongle, Random Rab, Emancipator and Polica headlined a five-day, all-day-and-night musical line-up heavily focused on eclectic electronic sounds. People certainly enjoyed themselves with all the ecstatic exuberance you'd expect, but Symbiosis also offered an impressive slate of lectures, workshops, yoga, live painting and sculpting, pop-up art galleries, psychedelic bingo and spiritual ceremonies. You could even attend a road-show version of the Edwardian Ball and Faire.

Learn all day and dance all night with peaceful, groovy people -- what could be better?