All plants below were grown in 1000w hortilux, and 430w son-t-agro - lxwxh = 6x5x9 - grown in organic mix: 1part eathwormcastings, 2part promix 1 part perlite, 1tsp of blood meal, 2 tsp bonemeal + sprayed with kelpmeal 1 once per week - the reflecters used were closed "super nova" with 4" in/out flanges. the room was vented by a 418cfm elicent fan (fan moves 418 cft of air in one minute). The "air intake was passive with the flaper opening when the fan would go on and close when shut off. During the winter, exhaust timer was set to go off every every hour for 15 min. except when the lights were off; Two 15" fans kept the plants dancing. Max temp 84, Min. temp 62 , Avg temp 78 deg farenheit.