A hearty congratulations to our first-ever Chicana Miss High Times, Yvette Marie Ramirez! Our former Miss November 2012 joined four of her fellow finalists on stage at the U.S. Cannabis Cup awards show in Denver, where her predecessors Emily (Miss HT 2012) and Clazina (2011) passed down the crown and sash to our lovely new beauty queen.

"I was shocked," says Yvette. "It still feels unreal."

Originally from Santa Barbara (now living near Sacramento), this petite Mexican American hottie describes herself as a "typical Cali girl" who loves skateboarding, camping, hiking and headbanging to hard rock and heavy metal. She's also a dancer and promotional model who has appeared in more than a few photo shoots and music videos. More importantly, she wears her love for maryjane on her sleeve—or rather, her right hip, where she sports a rather large pot leaf tattoo. What's more, for the past five years she's run her own small-scale grow, the fruits of which she supplies to a local dispensary.

"I love watching my babies grow in my garden—it's a very satisfying feeling," she says. "I decided to enter the Miss High Times contest to show everyone that I'm not just another model or actress—I'm also a farmer, and I don't care if people see what I love doing."

Yvette has attended several legalization rallies in Northern Cali, as well as the last four of our domestic Cannabis Cups. Now that she's our official smokesmodel, she'll also get to experience our European event as well: along with the crown and sash, she's won a free trip to Amsterdam this November, where she'll get to be a celebrity judge at our 26th Cannabis Cup.

"I'm really looking forward to living up to all of my Miss High Times duties and of course going to Amsterdam," she gushes. "Thank you for giving me this killer opportunity ... I will make you all proud!"