High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Birth of the Scratch

Grand Wizard Theodore invented scratching and the needle drop while still in junior high school in the Bronx. He was not trained by anyone, but developed these revolutionary turntable techniques while practicing alone at home. As the most gifted deejay of the first generatio...

Whee Plea to Obama

As Seed Camp ended, it was discovered that someone had sneaked onto to site and drilled holes into a brand new $3,000 water tank that had just been purchased for the event. This proved to be a minor speed bump, however, as another tank was immediately brought onto the site. ...

Whee! Seed Camp Day 3

The free bread for peace oven at the Whee! festival began baking bread, tents went up, the stage was prepped and over 60 volunteers had arrived for Seed Camp. The festival starts in two days and admission is only $5.

Whee! Seed Camp Day 2

Forty volunteers have moved onto the High Times Whee! site in Red Bluff, CA. Day two witnessed the first acoustic performance, Steve Hager's birthday party, and the crew's second 420 OM circle. Whee! was the first festival to celebrate 420, although the event has not been he...

Whee's First Day

About two dozen volunteers arrived on the first day of seed camp to set up for the Whee! festival. Meanwhile, the county board continue to stall on issuing a permit, after having hurriedly rewritten the local laws concerning festivals in a effort to block Whee! from happenin...

Whee's Sunset Ceremony

The High Times Whee! festival (World Hemp Expo Extravaganja) is back! Come to Red Bluff, CA this Memorial Day weekend. Admission is $5 per day and camping is $10 per day. There will be bands, workshops and films being presented all weekend. For more info, go to [link|http://...

Safe and Easy Pest Control

What one entity could possibly bring together Bigfoot, Cypress Hill, LSD, hydro growers, cannabis breeders, and glass blowers? How about the all-new July issue of HIGH TIMES magazine, featuring never before seen photos of the mythical Bigfoot growing his own outdoor organic ...



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