High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Strain Entries

All the entries from the 25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Highlights - Part Two

Check out more highlights from the 25th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!

25th HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup Highlights - Part One

Check out highlights from the opening days of the 25th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!

'We Get High' by Devin The Dude (Music Video)

Devin The Dude and the Coughee Brothaz unveil their new video, 'We Get High,' off the soundtrack to the new film Highway, available digitally now. 'We Get High' is the kind of vintage weed smoking anthem that fans have come to expect from The Dude. ...

HIGH TIMES Presents: The Home D'Pot Growroom

Ever wonder how you get started growing? If you have a Home Depot store in your neighborhood, you can purchase all the materials you need to convert your closet into your personal garden.

The 99% Declaration Documentary

On July 4, 2012 HIGH TIMES senior editor Bobby Black went to Philadelphia to participate in an historic exercise in democracy inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement - the 99% Delegation. This video is a preview of an upcoming documentary film that chronicles the gatheri...

Top 10 Strains of 2012: December 2012 Preview

All year long the HIGH TIMES staff surveys and tests hundreds of pot strains to discover which are the most prized by growers, patients, and connoisseurs. Our senior cultivation editor Danny Danko unveils this year’s illustrious list of the tastiest...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
A company calling itself High Times Travel LLC (hightimestravel.com) has illegally infringed on the HIGH TIMES trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle.

This company is not affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine in any way. If you have purchased a travel package from High Times Travel LLC please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing us at travelcomplaint@hightimes.com