High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Pot Matters: The 1980’s Plan to Win the Drug War

Regardless of the era, and regardless of the issue, anyone who understand the history of drug prohibition should understand the danger posed by those who claim that common sense trumps debate and that “positive action is displaced by inaction resulting from endless ...

Pot Matters: The Lesson of the Paraphernalia Wars

These are great times for marijuana law reform. But the empire can strike back, and it will. Learn the lessons of history. Cannabis consumers and commercial interests must increase their support for political action—financially, politically and most importantly, eth...

Oakland Establishes Drug War Reparations and Passes Marijuana Equity Program

On Tuesday, Oakland’s City Council unanimously passed a revolutionary new program in which Oakland residents who have been jailed for pot within the last 10 years will go to the front of the line to apply for legal weed permits.  

US Anti-Opium Effort in Afghanistan Is Total Failure

John F. Sopko, the Pentagon's Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, gave a sobering assessment last week of the situation in the country 15 years after the fall of the Taliban.

Obama's Drug Czar Still Supports Gateway Theory

Despite new measures from the federal government that suggests a shift away from the War on Drugs, reefer madness remains alive and well in the Obama administration. Michael Botticelli, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, reiterated&...



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