High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Teen Marijuana Use

Youth Cannabis Use Drops in Colorado—Surprise!

"Colorado teens stubbornly refuse to smoke more weed." 

Pot Matters: Criminal Conspiracy

The Massachusetts Association for School Superintendents has decided to oppose a fall ballot measure to legalize marijuana because, “where marijuana is legal, we see increased use and abuse by young people." They really haven’t thought this thro...

Pot Matters: Teens Find Marijuana Harder to Get

Even though the availability of legal marijuana has increased in the United States over the last decade, teenagers are having a harder time finding pot. That’s good news for the country and good news for the legalization effort.  

Radical Rant: Legalization Can't Make It Any Easier for Kids to Get Marijuana

I was recently interviewed by a reporter for Family Circle, who is doing a story on marijuana legalization. The gist of the piece was what parents need to know about marijuana legalization, specifically (say it with me), “What about the children?!?” As I ...

16-Year-Old Girl Busted Smuggling 185 Pounds of Marijuana

A 16-year-old Arizona teen was arrested Sunday for allegedly trying to smuggle 185 pounds of marijuana into the United States from Mexico.



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