High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

The Stoned Gamer

The Stoned Gamer: Infamous Second Son

At the end of a long day, one of the best ways to unwind is to toke a bowl and play a video game. This week, my game of choice was Infamous Second Son on my PS4. This awesome, open world, action adventure game is a third person shooter that takes place in beautiful Seattl...

The Stoned Gamer: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

This third person shooter is reminiscent of Gears of War or Call-of-Duty-style multiplayer, except your playing with awesome plants. It may sound childish, but for the stoned gamer, it was the best combination! You can play both sides of the battle, playing as a plant or ...

The Stoned Gamer: Thief

Thief, the newest game from Eidos and Square Enix, challenges your ability to pick pockets, pick locks, and remain invisible. You probably remember this sneaky game from playing on your computer back in the day. But this upgraded and updated version is very...


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