High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman Gets High With Her Parents

Sarah Silverman told Conan about eating pot food with her stepmom at a bar mitzvah.

Sarah Silverman Turns Drunk Kitchen Into Stoned Kitchen

So HIGH TIMES favorite-person-ever filmed an episode of “Drunk Kitchen” with Hannah Hart, but instead of imbibing, then smoked a couple of bowls, then went to work. If you’ve ever compared drinking and marijuana before (and we have), you’ll find it...

Sarah Silverman Busted With Vape Pen on Emmy Red Carpet

So there's this thing that the folks from E! do on red carpets: go through women's purses. Creepy right? Well, the lovely Sarah Silverman turned the tables on red carpet host Giuliana Rancic last night when she found a vape pen in her clutch right before the Emmys...

Sarah Silverman Can't Light Her Joint

In a deleted scene from Season 1 of Jon Favreau's Dinner for Five, Sarah Silverman breaks out a joint to get the party started with Ron Livingston, Kevin Pollack, and Rod Steiger. The only problem? She can't light it.


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