High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Russ Belville

Radical Rant: Black Drug War Reparations, How Would That Work?

As marijuana becomes legal throughout various U.S. states, many in the African-American community see a green rush that is primarily benefiting white people.

Radical Rant: Reflections on Jamaica

I’ve just finished up my first international trip covering the HIGH TIMES World Cannabis Cup in Jamaica. But as I was not presenting or tabling at this one, I took some of my six days here to explore the host city of Negril and nearby Montego Bay.  

Radical Rant: Ohio Issue 3 Loss Costs Marijuana Reformers the Moral High Ground

On Tuesday, when Ohio's pot legalization initiative failed to pass, some marijuana legalization advocates lost the moral high ground in the debate to end marijuana prohibition.  

Radical Rant: Marijuana Legalized in Ohio… Or Not

I’m penning this rant early on Sunday for HIGH TIMES, since Monday I will be flying to Columbus, Ohio. There, I will be covering my fourth straight election since 2010 from a state that will be voting to legalize marijuana… or not.  

Radical Rant: The Russ Belville Show Is Moving to CannabisRadio.com

Through a series of very fortunate events, I ended up with the perfect job for me. In addition to writing these regular Radical Rants here on HIGHTIMES.com and other articles for 420-friendly websites and publications, I host a live weekday talk radio podcast al...



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