High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Russ Belville

Radical Rant: Even Tobacco Smoke-Free Bars Are Ridiculous Abridgments of Freedom

I understand the concerns about indoor smoking, but I don’t agree with them, even for tobacco. I think we’ve gone too far into trying to Nerf the world so nobody is ever threatened by anything anywhere.

Radical Rant: “Legal Marijuana” Shouldn’t Mean “Only In Your Home”

Sure, marijuana may be legal in four states now, but not if you want to use it outside of your home.  

Radical Rant: If You Want Unity, Stop Voting For My Criminality

I just finished up my tenth Seattle Hempfest (nice seeing you, Mr. Cusick!). In addition to the rain-out we experienced on Friday, there was a dark cloud of emotion hanging over the event in the wake of drastic amendments to the Washington medical marijuana...

Radical Rant: Two Men Shot By Lying Cops Over Weed

Zachary Hammond and Sam DuBose are dead. Hammond was a 19-year-old white man in South Carolina. DuBose was a 43-year-old black man in Ohio. Both were shot during traffic stops by cops who then lied about killing these men in self-defense. Both are dead because marijuana i...

Radical Rant: Oregon Senator Blames Drug Use For Herbicide Poisonings

In October 2013, 15 citizens of the Southern Oregon coast town of Cedar Valley complained of health complications after being exposed to illegally sprayed herbicides. The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) bungled the investigation and refused for six months to tell t...



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