High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Rosin-Tech: What Do The Labs Have To Say?

Sit down, squish a few buds and check out what science has to say about the rosin you know and dab.

Pot Matters: Marijuana Use in the States

It takes non-marijuana using voters to pass marijuana legalization ballot initiatives. However, the more marijuana users there are, the more likely it is that non-users have a realistic understanding of marijuana use and are less susceptible to pro-prohibition propaganda....

The Similarities Between Psychedelics and Meditation

New research out of London suggests psychedelics, specifically psilocybin the active component of magic mushrooms, can have similar effects on the brain to meditation. More importantly, the two states of mind each generates may one day be used to help those suffering from...

Is Weed Smoke Really Blue?

Many times people have used the term “blue smoke” to refer to cannabis smoke, as if something strange was in everybody’s pot that colors its smoke blue. Someone who has never seen cannabis smoke might even think that it’s literally the color blue, ...

New Study: Cannabis Does Not Cause Major Health Problems

A new collaborative research study has determined that cannabis consumption is not associated with major health problems such as lung function, systemic inflammation and metabolic health. However, cannabis consumption was associated with poorer periodontal health.



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