High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Adult Use of Marijuana Act Makes California Ballot

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) officially made the California ballot on June 28, as the Secretary of State's office confirmed that enough signatures had been gathered—a total of 600,000.

Quantifying Cannabis: Insurance Companies Ponder User Risks

Despite marijuana's lingering federal misclassification, many major American life insurance companies are not only willing to issue policies to cannabis users, but they are doing so without classifying them as smokers – a nasty stigma that is often responsible f...

Will Michigan Voters Get to Decide on Legal Marijuana in November?

Michigan voters may have the rare opportunity in the upcoming November election to decide whether the state should legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Oregon's Recreational Pot Market Expands to Edibles and Extracts

On Thursday, Oregon will continue the gradual rollout of its recreational marijuana program by legalizing the sale of marijuana edibles and extracts.   

Rhode Island Finally Gets a Hearing for Recreational Marijuana Bill

Marijuana advocates have been eyeballing Rhode Island for the past couple of years as being a prime candidate to become one of the first states to end prohibition by way of the state legislature, but so far lawmakers have missed every opportunity to bring this progressive...



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