High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Creature Comforts: Pets & Pot

Can medical cannabis help ailing animals? HIGH TIMES investigates.

What To Do If Your Pet Eats Your Stash

Just as you keep your edibles, dabs, hash and flowers away from kids, keep it off the coffee table so that Mr. Snix doesn’t scarf it down and get all woozy. And here's what to do if your pet does eat your stash.

Stoner Throwback: Pets on Pot 2007

Stoners love animals. And some animals seem to love getting stoned. Here at HIGH TIMES, we’re often asked if pot is safe for pets as well as what to do if your pet accidently ingests cannabis.

Dog Joins Suspects, Lies Down for Cops

A fairly ordinary drug bust in Brazil became a viral sensation this week after an obedient – and ultimately very clever – guard dog on the scene joined the surrendering suspects who were ordered to lie down by officers.

Nevada Bill Would Allow Sick Pets To Use Medical Marijuana

A Nevada senator introduced a bill on Tuesday that would allow pets to use pot. A veterinarian would have to certify that the animal has an illness that might be alleviated by marijuana, but many are still concerned by the proposal.



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