High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Government Employee Gets Job Back After Being Fired for MMJ Use

A senior programmer and systems analyst in Lane County, Oregon is getting his job back after being fired for his medical marijuana use.

Portland Commissioner Seeks to Expunge Prior Weed Convictions with Pot Tax

Starting next year, Oregon will decrease its current 25 percent tax on recreational pot to 17 percent, with an option for cities and counties to collect up to an additional 3 percent more in taxes, if voters agree.

Oregon Races to Finalize Rules for Marijuana, Issue Licenses

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is racing to finalize regulations for growing, processing and selling recreational marijuana and issue licenses to hundreds of businesses within a few months.

Oregon's Recreational Pot Market Expands to Edibles and Extracts

On Thursday, Oregon will continue the gradual rollout of its recreational marijuana program by legalizing the sale of marijuana edibles and extracts.   

Growing Big in Oregon

The author of The Secrets of the West Coast Masters reveals tips and tricks to getting the most out of each and every pot plant you grow, including his own techniques for providing air circulation at the canopy level for monster greenhouse yields.



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