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Ohio Becomes the 26th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Ohio has just become the twenty-sixth state to legalize a modest medical marijuana program.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Group Accused of Striking Deal With State Legislature

Despite rumors suggesting that the Ohio legislature pressured marijuana advocates to back down from their efforts to put a medical marijuana initiative on the November ballot, organizers with Ohioans for Medical Marijuana say the decision to abandon the cam...

Radical Rant: Ohio Marches into the Medical Marijuana Box Canyon

Ohio could have been beginning its medical and recreational program right now. Anybody—patient or not—could have been buying $50 licenses to home grow six plants. But rather than allow 10 investment groups to control all commercial grow lands, Ohio g...

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: May 30

It was a productive week in the fight to legalize marijuana in the United States. Some of the most important news comes from Ohio, where the General Assembly has agreed to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Other highlights include some action in the North Carolin...

Ohio on the Verge of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Ohio is on the verge of becoming the next state to legalize medical marijuana for patients suffering from serious conditions.



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