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Here's the New Info You Need to Know About the NSA, Privacy and Your Phone Calls

On June 2, Congress passed—and President Obama signed—the USA Freedom Act, which re-authorized the PATRIOT Act and extended the legal framework for the federal government’s fight against terrorism.   

NSA Blurring the Lines Between Wars on Terror and Drugs

The steady drip of leaks from the fugitive National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden continue to reveal the magnitude to which our own government’s spy agencies are snooping on Americans and the world.

The NSA & You: Watch What You Post!

The digital age has spawned a new, insidious brand of surveillance.

Big Brother Watching Even More Than We Thought?

The New York Times has released a copy of a PowerPoint presentation from the Drug Czar’s office detailing the routine access to trillions of private citizens’ phone records, far exceeding previous revelations of government using anti - terrorism spying to go a...


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