High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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A Dying Child & the Miracle of Cannabis

In June of 2015, our beautiful and energetic daughter, Katherine King, was having symptoms that no one understood or had answers for. She had a heart rate of 32 BPM’s. She couldn’t walk, talk, see or hear. She was in pain, had headaches and a constant fever fo...

Conservative Utah Lawmakers Show Progressive Leanings

Utah's staunchly conservative legislature came close to eliminating the death penalty and gave serious consideration to setting up a system to grow and distribute medical marijuana - making the 2016 session a surprising one that may foreshadow future traction for prog...

Florida House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill, United for Care’s Amendment 2 Still the Patients’ Choice

Despite the inability of the state to roll out a low-THC medical marijuana program for cancer and seizure patients in a timely fashion, not to mention the distinct possibility that voters will pass an initiative this November that will bring about a comprehensive medicina...

Radical Rant: Montel Williams Says Some Medical Marijuana Growers Are “Selling Trash”

The closing speaker for the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo held in Fort Worth last weekend was former talk show host and current financial services pitchman Montel Williams.  

Australia Legalizes Medical Marijuana

After listening to some powerful testimony by lawmakers and members of a national marijuana advocacy group, the Australian Parliament voted on Wednesday in favor of legalizing a nationwide program that will allow cannabis to be grown across the country for medicinal and s...



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