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Congress Pushing for Changes to Federal Marijuana Research Policy

A recent report from the Santa Cruz Sentinel indicates that Representative Sam Farr of Washington, along with a band of cronies, including Congressmen Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, H. Morgan Griffith of Virginia, and Maryland’s Andy Harris — t...

Medical Marijuana: One Issue Almost All of Us Agree on This Election Year

This year’s presidential race has brought out some of the most contentious, divisive and volatile responses and reactions among American voters. Thankfully, there is one issue almost all of us agree upon—legalizing medical marijuana.

Ohio Becomes the 26th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Ohio has just become the twenty-sixth state to legalize a modest medical marijuana program.

FDA Simplifies Compassionate Use of Experimental Drugs, But Medical Marijuana Is Tricky

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently announced a new compassionate use policy intended to make it easier for physicians to submit the necessary paperwork to gain access to experimental drugs for patients inflicted with serious or immediately life-threatenin...

Vermont's Medical Pot Program Just Expanded

Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin has signed into law a bill expanding the medical conditions that can allow a Vermont patient to be prescribed marijuana for treatment of symptoms. Added to the list are patients with chronic pain, glaucoma and those in hospice ...



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