High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


3 Ways Prohibitionists Are Fighting Legalization in Mass.—And Why They're Wrong

The Massachusetts Medical Association, Massachusetts Hospital Association, Massachusetts Superintendents Association of School Superintendents and Associated Industries of Massachusetts have all jumped on the anti-weed bandwagon, recycling the same prohibitionist jargon d...

Pot Matters: Massachusetts Officials Cop-Out

Leading state officials in Massachusetts oppose the ballot measure to legalize marijuana that will go before the state’s voters this November.   

Businesses in Massachusetts Warn Against Marijuana Legalization

A new survey from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) found that 62 percent of businesses in the state oppose legalizing cannabis. Massachusetts's voters will decide on whether to legalize personal cannabis consumption in November through a ball...

Marijuana Legalization Campaign Unveils St. Patrick's Day Ad

On Monday, Massachusetts' Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which seeks to put the question of legalizing pot on the November ballot, launched its first major ad—a St. Patrick's Day-themed advertisement, which can be found on a digital billboard f...

MA Committee Fears Marijuana Legalization, Recommends Strict Regulations

On Tuesday, the Massachusetts Special Senate Committee On Marijuana released a report analyzing the potential “policy ramifications” of legalized marijuana for recreational use—a reform voters will decide on November’s ballot. While claim...



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