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Marijuana Taxes

Portland Commissioner Seeks to Expunge Prior Weed Convictions with Pot Tax

Starting next year, Oregon will decrease its current 25 percent tax on recreational pot to 17 percent, with an option for cities and counties to collect up to an additional 3 percent more in taxes, if voters agree.

Legal, But Not Taxed Equal: Marijuana Providers Losing Fight to Deduct Business Expenses

There is nothing more boring than U.S. tax law. But like many things at the pinnacle of tedium, marijuana is here is help—though technically, for those looking to deduct business expenses on their federal income taxes, it is here to hurt. A lot.

Alcoholics Anonymous Tax Deductible, Medical Marijuana Is Not

The Internal Revenue Service expects hooligans of the black market drug trade to pay taxes, but not even the most clever accountant will be able to deduct medical marijuana on their clients' federal tax returns this year. Despite the sweet leaf being legal for medicin...

Lawmakers to IRS: Stop Treating Pot Business Like Criminals

Legal marijuana businesses are treated like two-bit thugs when it comes time to pay the taxman. Even though over half the states in America have legalized weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, the federal government still considers it an illegal activity and will n...

Colorado Marijuana Taxes: Up 10 Percent and Not Slowing

Marijuana sales in Colorado saw a 10 percent bump in August -- and industry leaders don’t expect that growth to slow anytime soon.  



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