High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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Pot Matters: The 1980’s Plan to Win the Drug War

Regardless of the era, and regardless of the issue, anyone who understand the history of drug prohibition should understand the danger posed by those who claim that common sense trumps debate and that “positive action is displaced by inaction resulting from endless ...

Pot Matters: Free Cannabis

What if it were against the law to pay for cannabis rather than to grow, possess or share it?  

Pot Matters: Heroin Drives the Harm Reduction Learning Curve

Criminal penalties do not restrict or reduce the availability, potency or use of drugs. The facts about heroin prove that drug control, by way of prohibition, is not only a myth but also a sad and tragic folly.

Killer Mike Discusses the War on Drugs with Bernie Sanders

On Tuesday, Killer Mike released a six-part interview with the cannabis community's favorite presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. The wide-ranging conversation took place at Killer Mike's Atlanta barbershop, the SWAG Shop, over several hours and tou...

Radical Rant: Kevin Sabet Doesn't Have A 'Calling,' He Has A 'Bigotry'

Kevin Sabet is nothing more than the musicians stoically playing on deck as the Titanic of marijuana prohibition sinks. Russ Belville explains why in his latest Radical Rant. 



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