High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Police: Man Died While Unloading $12 Million in Marijjuana

A Connecticut man died while unloading $12 million worth of marijuana in suburban Atlanta and police said Wednesday no foul play was suspected.

Colorado: New Ballot Measure Could Severely Cripple Cannabis Industry

The latest event that stands to sever the legs of the Colorado cannabis market is a ballot measure (Amendment 139) recently given the green light by the Colorado Supreme Court aimed at imposing an extensive list of restrictions on recreational marijuana – complete w...

Radical Rant: Why Is Marijuana Being Sin-Taxed?

As we continue to legalize marijuana, state by state we see widely differing schemes of taxing the herb. From a low of Massachusetts’ proposed 3.75 percent state tax to Washington State’s 37 percent state tax, every state has come up with something different. ...

Microsoft Gets Involved With Legal Marijuana

Earlier this week it was revealed that software giant Microsoft has partnered up with California-based Kind Financial to offer the wild, wild world of weed a piece of software that tracks cannabis plants from “seed to sale." Bill Gates and crew will n...

American Kills Himself in Taiwan Court Upon Drug Conviction

Taiwan says an American man killed himself by slashing his neck with a scissor blade inside a courtroom after being given a four-year sentence on drugs charges.



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