High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Jamaica Wants Tourists to Buy Weed in Airports

In an effort to cash in on the legal cannabis industry, Jamaica officials are working to provide tourists with easy access to marijuana as soon as they step foot onto the island.  

Colorado: New Ballot Measure Could Severely Cripple Cannabis Industry

The latest event that stands to sever the legs of the Colorado cannabis market is a ballot measure (Amendment 139) recently given the green light by the Colorado Supreme Court aimed at imposing an extensive list of restrictions on recreational marijuana – complete w...

Oregon Races to Finalize Rules for Marijuana, Issue Licenses

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is racing to finalize regulations for growing, processing and selling recreational marijuana and issue licenses to hundreds of businesses within a few months.

Will Michigan Voters Get to Decide on Legal Marijuana in November?

Michigan voters may have the rare opportunity in the upcoming November election to decide whether the state should legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Radical Rant: Weed Winning in Washington DC

As I continue my Legalize America (50 x 50) Tour, I am increasingly convinced that we are just a few months away from essentially ending marijuana prohibition. This week, the evidence became more clear in our nation’s capital, Washington DC.



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