High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Jamaican Cannabis Uncovered Part I: Quantifying & Analyzing Jamaican Strains

In November 2014, Jamaica’s Minister of Justice Mark Golding met HIGH TIMES’s long-time chief attorney Michael Kennedy and associate publisher Rick Cusick when they were visiting Harvard University law professor Charles Nesson in Cambridge, MA. Golding was Nes...

HIGH TIMES Live from Jamaica, Part 2

After four days, we can't believe that the Rastafari Rootzfest Hosts the HIGH TIMES 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup is already over! Here are some more pics from our amazing adventure in Jamaica!

Radical Rant: Reflections on Jamaica

I’ve just finished up my first international trip covering the HIGH TIMES World Cannabis Cup in Jamaica. But as I was not presenting or tabling at this one, I took some of my six days here to explore the host city of Negril and nearby Montego Bay.  

Winners of the 2015 World Cannabis Cup

The first-ever Rastafari Rootzfest hosts HIGH TIMES 2015 World Cannabis Cup is in the record books! Thanks to all who came out to a part of it, and here are the winners of the World Cannabis Cup competitions.

Rastafari Rootzfest: Judging Sativa Weed Strains in Jamaica

The island of Jamaica has long been known the her earthy long-flowering sun-grown sativa. Grow Editor Danny Danko shares his experience judging those sativas at Rastafari Rootzfest hosts HIGH TIMES 2015 Jamaican World Cannabis Cup.   



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