High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


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Take the mystery out of indoor growing with a little help from your old pal, technology. A few simple yet quality gadgets can turn a home-grow into a miniature state-of-the-art cannabis production facility.

Understanding Hydro: TDS measurements

Measuring the total dissolved solids, or TDS, gauges the strength of a hydroponic nutrient solution and is an unparalleled method of determining water quality. When growing hydro make sure to take all the necessary considerations so you know how to interpret the results o...

Holiday Hydroponics – A Guide for Beginners

Making a new year's resolution to learn how to grow? Our senior cultivation editor presents the scoop on growing using hydroponics methods, made easy for beginner growers learning the basics.

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Grow Q&A: Hydroponic Sea of Green Pot Growing

Have questions about growing cannabis? Our own cultivation expert, Danny Danko, is here to help with all of your marijuana grow concerns. Today's question is about growing using the Sea of Green method hydroponically.



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