High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Hemp Celebration & Lakota War Pony Races This Weekend!

On June 25th, when the Lakota celebrate "Victory Day" -- the anniversary of their defeat of General Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876 -- the White Plume family will turn the day into the "White Plume Hemp Victory Celebration." In the afternoon, the...

West Virginia Is Getting Its First Legal Cannabis Crop

Cannabis seeds will be sown as early as this week in preparation for West Virginia's first legal cannabis crop—part of an industrial hemp research project at West Virginia University.  

Ohio Legislators Introduce Discriminatory MMJ Bill

Legalization of medical marijuana in Ohio has more than enough popular support, if only the key players could get, and keep, reasonable proposals on the table. Preferably, 

Florida Man Manufactures Cannabis Cars, and You Can Own One

While the concept of building an automobile made entirely of fibers derived from the cannabis plant has been a part of the American underground since the days of Henry Ford, the production of a more environmentally sound means of transportation has yet to gain enough trac...

Kentucky: Move Over Tobacco… Make Room for Hemp

After nearly 80 years of prohibition, hemp is making a comeback in the Bluegrass State where tobacco once ruled.  



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