High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

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New Jersey Medical Pot Program Most Expensive in Country

An in-depth review by the New Jersey Star-Ledger has revealed that the overall cost for medical marijuana patients in New Jersey is higher than any other medical pot state allowing retail sales. The costs analyzed involve patients becoming legally eligible f...

DEA Pays $4.1 Million to Student Forgotten in Cell for Five Days

  The government agreed to pay Daniel Chong, a UC San Diego engineering student, $4.1 million in advance of a $20-million dollar lawsuit. Last April, DEA agents detained Chong as part of a raid conducted on an apartment off campus. Chong w...

Uruguay Close to Legalizing Pot

¡Viva Uruguay! The Latin American country has taken the pole position in marijuana legalization. Late last Wednesday night, Uruguay lawmakers voted 50-46 in favor of a bill to legalize cannabis, paving the way for a nationwide drug policy overhaul. The legislati...

Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia would have turned 71-years-old today, August 1, 2013. The Grateful Dead singer and lead guitar player passed away in August 1995.



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