High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


10 Pipes in Cool Places

Dan Skye always prefer the Great Outdoors to a studio setting. Of course, that makes it harder on him. Hauling around a truckload of glass in your car looking for backdrop can be problematic. Pipes are illegal in a lot of places. The simple act of taking a picture of a be...

Glass Artist of the Month: Alexis Breyer

Alexis Breyer started Mama’s Glass, a name coined by her daughter who accompanied Alexis as she made her pipe deliveries: “This is my mama’s glass!” The name stuck!

Field Guide to the Bern Gallery Pipe Classic

Created by glassblowers for glassblowers, the Pipe Classic is hosted by the Bern Gallery in Burlington, VT in the third week of every September. The Classic is a true celebration of pipe-making featuring 12 amazing glass artists to competing head-to-head in a competition....

The 13 Most Controversial Pipes

How you choose to smoke your pot is a matter of personal taste. Sometimes our choices are tasteless; sometimes they’re downright offensive! Take a look at the 13 most questionable paraphernalia creations we’ve come across.

Glass Artist of the Month: Saki Bomb

April 2013's Glass Artist of the Month is Saki Bomb. Hailing from the countryside of Japan, she discovered pipe-making in 2006 in Southern California, five years after arriving in the States. She was introduced to glass pipes by experiencing simple, everyday life in S...



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