High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Glass Artist of the Month

Glass Artist of the Month: Nate Miers

Glass artist N8 is best known for intergalactic, space-themed pipes, wherein he creates the night sky in borosilicate glass for stoned viewers to gaze upon.

Glass Artist of the Month: Alexis Breyer

Alexis Breyer started Mama’s Glass, a name coined by her daughter who accompanied Alexis as she made her pipe deliveries: “This is my mama’s glass!” The name stuck!

Glass Artist of the Month: Carsten Carlile

Carsten Carlile lets his imagination run wild in the studio where he creates skeletons, monsters, and VWs!

Glass Artist of the Month: Julie Riggs

The artistic drive of Julie Riggs — coupled with her lifelong love of cannabis — enabled her to overcome obstacles and become recognized as one of the glass world's top artists..

Glass Artist of the Month: Hoobs & Hops

Glass artists of the month Adam Whobrey, aka Hoobs, and Steve Hoppenfeld, aka Hops are bona fide stars of the glass community, who revel in creating hot rod cars, rat fink-style figures, and other conceptual sculptures out of glass.



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