High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup

Glass Artist of the Month

Glass Artist of the Month: K-Sass

The woman behind K-Sass Glass (ksassglass.com) is Kristina Sasser, who discovered the medium of glass in 1999 and, ever since, has imbued this ancient art with her own interpretation of spirituality, beauty and organic nature. 

Glass Artist of the Month: Mia Shea

Mia Shea was first introduced to borosilicate glass in 2011 at Zen Glass Studio in Florida. She was instantly hooked on its color and three-dimensional properties.

Glass Artist of the Month: Maya

Like many before and after him, once Jeremiah Kern got behind the torch, he couldn’t imagine doing anything as a career. That was 2005. He took the artist name of “Maya” and in the subsequent eleven years, he has worked alongside multiple accomplished ar...

Glass Artist of the Month: NateDizzle

An award-winning glass artist, NateDizzle has been refining his craft since 2002. He’s an innovator in the glass art world, credited as a pioneer in several borosilicate glassblowing techniques, which are now considered commonplace in the industry. His ever-present ...

Glass Artist of the Month: PB Torcher

In August 2000, PB Torcher began shaping glass in a small community shop, where several glass artists influenced his style. After 13 months, his skill with the torch flourished. Now, with 15 years of experience under his belt, Torcher’s work embodies a massive range...



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