High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Oregon's Recreational Pot Market Expands to Edibles and Extracts

On Thursday, Oregon will continue the gradual rollout of its recreational marijuana program by legalizing the sale of marijuana edibles and extracts.   

Which Fat Absorbs THC Best?

Our High Times edibles experiments continue with a test to determine which fats absorb THC most efficiently, giving you the most buzz for your bucks.

FDA Approves Candy-Flavored Amphetamines for Kids

While some lawmakers in legal marijuana states are pushing to outlaw cannabis edibles that resemble sugary treats in an effort to protect the well being of the children, the federal government has just approved a candy-flavored amphetamine-based medication that will be ma...

Dinner Is Dope

A tasty take on edible etiquette at a green dinner party in Brooklyn.

Psychedelicatessen: Cannabis Cashew Candy

This delicious hash candy from a local Humboldt edibles maker uses all organic, paleo ingredients.



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