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Drug Charges

Pot Matters: Marijuana in the Larger Context of Criminal Justice Reform

Marijuana legalization can also be understood in terms of a more general interest in criminal justice reform, which has become a hot topic for a number of reasons.   

Police in Legal States Using Social Media to Bust People for Marijuana

Even in states where marijuana has been made legal, law enforcement agencies are still engaging in underhanded practices, some of which are blatant models of entrapment, to arrest people for marijuana.  

Saudi Executions for 2015 Set 20-Year Record

Just 24 hours into 2016, Saudi Arabia made world headlines with the execution of a dissident Shi'ite cleric—sparking violent protests in Iran and a breaking off of diplomatic relations. But this latest tragedy was just the latest during a very busy year for...

Pot Matters: Marijuana, the Courts and Probation

One of the arguments for keeping marijuana illegal is that no one really goes to jail anymore after getting arrested—as if that makes it okay. It’s not really true (because people do go to jail), but let’s examine the claim on its own terms and...

Pot Matters: Marijuana Arrests to Continue in Ohio, But How Bad?

As the the defeat of the cartel-style legalization in Ohio continues to be analyzed, many commentators have noted that the biggest cost of ResponsibleOhio’s failed campaign is the continuation of marijuana arrests in the state.



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