High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Colorado: City Council Attempts to Keep Denver From Smelling Like Weed

In response to citizens who believe Denver is beginning to smell too much like marijuana, the City Council has approved a revamped ordinance intended to strengthen the municipality’s policy on odor management. 

Denver Freezes Weed Industry at Current Size

Denver bans new pot shops.

Denver Council Kills Bill Limiting the Number of Marijuana Dispensaries—For Now

Denver City Council voted not to limit the number of marijuana dispensaries in the city.

Denver NORML Vows to Legalize Social Pot Use

The question of whether to allow on-site pot consumption throughout the city of Denver has been the subject of controversial debate for the past year. So far, activists and local officials have not yet been able to find a common ground to put in front of voters. It is thi...

Police in Legal States Using Social Media to Bust People for Marijuana

Even in states where marijuana has been made legal, law enforcement agencies are still engaging in underhanded practices, some of which are blatant models of entrapment, to arrest people for marijuana.  



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