High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Pot Matters: Reforming All Over

In recent years, the reform of marijuana laws has been a legislative issue in almost every state of the nation, every state but four.

Bernie Sanders: "Pot Should Not Be a Federal Crime"

Bernie Sanders, who wants to to decriminalize and reschedule marijuana, said marijuana should not be a federal crime at a campaign rally in Wisconsin.  

New Hampshire Decriminalization Bill Passes House, Moves to Senate

It seems that lawmakers in New Hampshire have been fighting tooth and nail for the past couple years to prevent any form of legislation aimed at legalizing marijuana to infiltrate the legislative gates, but there is a distinct possibility that these prohibitionists will l...

Ireland to Decriminalize Pot and Other Contraband Substances

As part of Ireland’s so-called “radical cultural shift,” the country intends to decriminalize pot, heroin and cocaine.  

Richard Branson Leaks UN Document Calling for Decriminalization of All Drugs

British entrepreneur and outspoken billionaire, Richard Branson claims that the United Nations is on the verge of calling for decriminalization of all drugs.   



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