High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Hash Oil Explosions Prompt Proposed Changes in Pot States

Alarmed by a rash of explosions and injuries caused when amateurs make hash oil, lawmakers in Colorado and Washington are considering spelling out what's allowed when it comes to making the concentrated marijuana at home.

Report: Racial Disparities in Arrests Persist with Legal Pot

Not surprisingly, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has reduced pot arrests, but a newly released study says it doesn't solve one of the central goals of drug-policy reformers: ending racial disparities in enforcement.

Hash Review: Bubblegum 90u

Read our latest in-depth hash review of Bubblegum 90u from Altitude Organic Medicine/Colorado Extract Company.

Concentrate Review: Sour Daybreaker Fresh Nectar

Read this latest marijuana concentrate review, and get the low-down on Sour Daybreaker Fresh Nectar from Green & Healthy Wellness x TerpX from our resident dab expert.



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