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Cannabis Legalization

The Top Five Pro-Marijuana Stories You Didn’t Read About in 2014

We already know that 2014 has been a watershed year for cannabis reform in America. Though some of the bigger marijuana stories have taken up more time in the spotlight than others, let's reflect now on some lesser spread stories on the legalization movement. 

HIGH TIMES Legislative Roundup: 2014 Election

Election Day is here in America, with two states and the District of Columbia champing at the bit to decide on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in some form or fashion. Meanwhile, Florida voters will head to the polls on Tuesday to determine the fate of the stat...

NFL: Pot Smoking is Worse than Drunk Driving

Here’s a break-down of the terrible things some NFL players have down to get suspended from playing football professionally. Let’s see if you can organize them in order from the worst offense to the least, based on the punishment the NFL handed out to the play...

Washington State Recreational Sales Begin In July

For the past six months, the green-eyed focus of the recreational marijuana industry has been on Colorado, yet it seems the entire nation has forgotten about Washington State.

A Myth-Shattering Look at Medical Marijuana's Impact on Human Health

The legalization of cannabis is a complex issue, but as we're proving, if the masses become educated they will support the movement. This film is a great piece of such education to spread to your lawmakers and skeptics.


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