High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Scientists Edge Closer to a Marijuana Breathalyzer

Recently published research has developed the concentration-effect relationship for THC in breath. While devices for on-the-spot measuring of THC in breath already exist, nobody knew exactly how much THC they needed to measure in order to determine if a person was stoned....

Is Weed Smoke Really Blue?

Many times people have used the term “blue smoke” to refer to cannabis smoke, as if something strange was in everybody’s pot that colors its smoke blue. Someone who has never seen cannabis smoke might even think that it’s literally the color blue, ...

New Study: Cannabis Does Not Cause Major Health Problems

A new collaborative research study has determined that cannabis consumption is not associated with major health problems such as lung function, systemic inflammation and metabolic health. However, cannabis consumption was associated with poorer periodontal health.

Grow Q&A: Should I Buy Weed Online?

Have questions about growing cannabis? Our own cultivation expert, Danny Danko, is here to help with all of your marijuana grow concerns. Today's question is about purchasing cannabis online.

Grow Hack: Prevent Mold During Growth, Curing and Storage

Mold afflicts cannabis to such an incredible degree that an entire subspecies of the plant had to evolve with a different anatomy to prevent mold growth. How ubiquitous is mold in cannabis? It’s roughly as common as under-cured pot, which means very common. Check ou...



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