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38 Things You Probably Did—Or Wish You Did—Yesterday on 420

Yesterday was every stoner's favorite holiday. If you did one of these things below, you celebrated properly. And let's be real, you probably did most of this list.

Snapchat Under Fire for 420 Filter Celebrating Bob Marley with "Digital Blackface"

Snapchat is under fire after releasing a 420-themed filter that allows users to digitally impose Bob Marley's dreadlocks, signature hat and face onto their own.  

The Ultimate 420 Playlist: 42 Songs Celebrating the Highest of Times

Light up and listen to 42 of our favorite pot songs in celebration of our highest holiday. 

College Professor's Email About 420 Goes Viral

As a reader of HIGH TIMES, you might not know the exact origin of 420 (read about it HERE!), but you most likely know that it's the #1 stoner holiday! But that doesn't mean everyone else is quite as familiar.   

The Inside Scoop on the Secret Origin of 420

Happy 420! The highest of holy days—or holiest of high days?!—is back again, and many of you probably haven't the slightest idea why we're celebrating.



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