We're currently in the midst of one of the largest annual economic events in the world. The World Economic Forum, a Swiss-based non-profit, brings together world powers and leading minds for a convention in Davos every year with the goal of "improving political, economic and social awareness, acting as a catalyst for major bridge-building efforts, providing a critical platform for furthering peace and reconciliation, and bringing to the fore the latest trends and developments in many fields."

On this past Thursday Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan all came together to talk about taking a less stringent approach toward drugs -- especially marijuana. 

"Certain heads of state don't even touch the issue -- they touch it after they're heads of state," Santos said of the drug debate. "Why? Because it's so sensitive." Though Perry wouldn't go so far as to call for decriminalization, he repeated his long-held stance that according to the US Constitution, it should be up to the States to decide legalization. "I am not for legalization of drugs," Perry explained before adding: "we don't spend as much much money on incarceration as we do on education in the state of Texas -- and that's a good thing." We have to agree with him there. 

For his part, the former UN Secretary General hinted that while legalization is still viewed as a violation of international drug control treaties, that could be changed in the future.

Though nothing groundbreaking was said, it is important to get the conversation up to these levels of intellectuals and policy-makers so that we can move out of the Dark Ages of Pot. Embrace and evolve people!