Soccer-loving stoners rejoice -- the 2014 World Cup has begun! Brazil vs. Croatia today! Poor Croatia. They’re sacrificial Croats (thanks, @dannydanko!) So put on your FIFA shirt, grab your bong, and get ready for some serious sports drama in São Paulo. Do you still have your vuvuzela? Here, click this.

And if you’re looking for a creative way to celebrate the Cup, why not take that vuvuzela and turn it into a bong?

You can even hide your pot in it!

Wait, don’t hide your pot -- smoke your pot! Pack your bong full of a sweet, uplifting sativa and get ready to cheer for France! Italy! Cameroon! Jack Herer was created by Dutch horticulturalists -- Why not watch the cup with Jack and cheer for Holland?

Now, for watching the Cup: You’re going to need the perfect chair. Get niiiiiiiiiice and comfy after you get nice and toasty. How about this one?

You’re going to want snacks. Lots of snacks. Like these:

Hey, don’t get up! We’ve got the entire schedule of matches right here. You’re welcome.

World Cup + marijuana = AWESOME.