Are you ready for the best internship of all time?

WHO: Snoop Dogg
WHAT: A Prizeo campaign to raise money for the Snoop Youth Football League, which allows inner-city kids to, "Learn the values of teamwork, discipline, dedication and self-respect."
WHERE: Go here to make a donation and enter to win.
WHY: As Snoop says in the video: "Throw some cash down and you'll be entered to be flown out to California to be an intern for me, the Doggfather, for a whole day. We're gonna do some fun shit, you know, eat some Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles…"
WHEN: The campaign went live yesterday, so get in on this quick!
HOW: Simply contribute a micro-donation of $3 or more to the campaign.
WANT MORE? Give more than $3 and you may qualify for special rewards, like the Shizzle (an exclusive campaign tee, $50) or My Nizzle (an autographed photo, $100) or even Da Bizzle (signed rolling papers, $200).