Vaping is everywhere and everyone is doing it. The vape pen has allowed pot smokers to go above and beyond when it comes to smoking in public, so we had to ask, "Where is the best place you’ve vaped?"

“On airplanes, government buildings, Starbucks bathrooms, every inch of Disneyland, elevators, grocery stores and all public spaces. I've caught myself hitting my pen while I pack another pen. Rip dabs and purge slabs!” -- A.D.

“At Denver Airport’s luggage carousel. I was waiting for my bags.” – R.C.

“I got high in the Middle Ages exhibit in the Medieval Room at the American Museum of Natural History, and at my college graduation ceremony.” -- J.M.

“On the NYC subway.” -- D.H.

“In restaurants before my meal comes. And after my meal comes.” –H.L.

“At Mount Rushmore in a cave underneath George Washington’s head.” -- B.B.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t run any errands without my vape pen -- and actually it’s the main thing I use when grocery shopping.” – C.C.

“At the Met Opera, in our seats celebrating our anniversary with my wife.”  -- M.C.

“I’ve hit the pen in Times Square, at a wedding, and oh, at the Yale Club in NYC.” -- S.M.

“I’ve had full-on sessions while in line at the Apple store!” -- C.C.