Here’s an idea: Go to the desert by yourself, take LSD and then trip out for over 24 hours. That’s what Eddy Gordo did in the Thar Desert of India, and he filmed himself as well.

Gordo was in the desert tripping out with the stars and scorpions while fighting the sand dust burning his eyes. “Tripping in the desert is not for everyone. It can be tough, as bodies need proper nourishment -- water, etc. My water got finished very early, and I bore the hotness of the desert as well as coldness in the night. I was lying in the desert with the love of Mother Earth.”

“I’m enjoying my LSD trip,” a headphone-wearing Gordo first says in the three-minute long YouTube video. “It’s very scary and very beautiful also. Very beautiful.” In the video, Gordo gets both emotional and inspirational, exclaiming his love for music and the nature of the Thar Desert, “Everything is alive!”

Over the sound of the wind and his laughter, Gordo instructs the audience to be strong, like the sand and the mountains. As he trips, he talks about his love for the universe, and you can see his tripping out in his facial reactions and especially his eyes.

Gordo’s YouTube video includes a long description on what he saw and his experience of being in the desert. “My ego was shattered, and I was feeling love for all, but in those moments of utter bliss, awe, and wonder, I lift my hands towards the beautiful Universe.”

Gordo says his dose was strong and that after the sunrise the next morning, he took a camel out of the desert, while still tripping. As he sat with the villagers, a boy asked him what his caste was and to the villagers’ mockery, Gordo responded by saying he doesn’t believe in that, “I said a human being is a human being.”

Gordo advises others to stay away from negative people when you trip, “I can see the magic of being polite, magic of softening my ego, things which could have affected me earlier in the city didn’t touch me. I was smiling, lost in a trance. LSD is a great spiritual teacher.”

While Gordo’s YouTube channel features other videos regarding himself tripping, the Thar Desert video remains the most popular. The video has gained almost half a million views in about a month’s time and has a popular thread on Reddit. Most comments praise Gordo for recording all the “profound” revelations he had during his trip. Some even relate to him, talking about their own loss of boundaries and love for the universe while tripping on LSD as well. But looking at the sidebar of so many other tripping videos, Gordo’s viral recording could just be part of a much bigger trend using the power of the modern Internet.