When was the last time you picked up bud? Can you remember the day of the week?

If you can’t -- according to the polling aggregation site fivethirtyeight -- there’s a large probability it was a Friday or a Saturday.

MMJ Menu, a point-of-sale system owned by Weedmaps, gave fivethirtyeight anonymous pricing and sales data from 83 medical dispensaries and 15 recreational dispensaries in Colorado. Keep in mind that the MMJ Menu data is only a portion of the 451 Coloradoan dispensaries listed on Weedmaps, but still a concrete sample size.

So a look-see at the site’s table of aggregate cannabis flower sales for both medical and recreational dispensaries shows that Friday took the overall lead, followed closely by Saturday. Recreationally, Saturday outsold Friday by just 0.1 pounds, but is still no match for Friday’s whopping total of 91.2 pounds total.

Weekends are made for relaxing, right?

Interestingly enough, Sunday and Wednesday are the lowest sale days. What happened to Sunday fun day, Colorado? Or do the purchases from Friday strategically last all weekend?