The drug crackdown in West Virginia is about it get easier for officers thanks to the new EyeCheck technology, and the Mountain State is the first in the U.S. to use it.

It is being made possible by a $2 million grant from Congressman Alan Mollohan, and will allow local law enforcement officials in to receive training.

The training will help them bust drug users, by learning the physiological signs, and through scanning the individual's eyes with the EyeCheck device.

The device looks like binoculars, and in seconds it scans an individuals pupils to detect a problem.

"They'll be able to tell if they're on drugs, and what kind, whether marijuana, cocaine, or alcohol. Or even in the case of a tractor trailer driver, is he too tired to drive his rig?" said Ohio County Sheriff Tom Burgoyne.

The device can also detect abnormalities from chemical and biological effects, as well as natural disasters.

Local deputies will also receive laptops equipped with a fingerprinting database that will link all counties.